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Kylie “Aphrodite” Review

17 Jul

No matter how indie and against pop you are, it’s hard to deny the mastery of Kylie Minogue. She has been able to capture the oh so elusive perfect balance between sophisticated disco-electronica and pop for the past decade without falling victim to the dangerous trashy tacky electro pop wannabe region, and for that, we love her. She makes listening to chart topping pop enjoyable, acceptable and guilt free!

In 2010, she brings us her 11th studio album, Aphrodite, which in no way lets us down.

The album sets off with the first single All The Lovers that has already proved to be a hit on commercial radio stations but features the irresistible upbeat disco sound that Kylie has owned in her past few albums. Whilst very clubby sounding, it still has a great synth sound through the chorus, is catchy and hard to stop dancing to. Kylie hits every note once again.

Second up is Get Outta My Way, which is also extremely catchy and quite good but not a stand out. I can see it easily becoming a hit on radio though. Closer is a little bit different for Kylie it’s a lot more synth focused and not quite as upbeat. It’s the typical gem you find hidden away in an album that never gets released as a single, definitely one of the highlights.

Illusion is probably the best of the album. Like Closer, it has a darker undertone than Kylie’s usual stuff, but is balanced perfectly the more upbeat vocals. And catchy, but I’ll stop saying these songs are catchy as they are all very catchy. The title track, Aphrodite, is also quite good for such a happy upbeat typical pop song, but not one of the best of the album.

Other highlights include Better Than Today, Too Much (produced by Calvin Harris), and Cupid Boy.

As usual, I think Kylie has proved herself to be the worldwide queen of pop through Aphrodite. She neither disappoints nor fails to live up to high expectations that she has previously set for herself. We give this one 9.5/10.

Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers

Kylie Minogue – Illusion **highly reccommended

Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction)