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JJJ Hottest 100 Obligatory Post

26 Jan

Australia day is nearing it’s end, and it would be un-Australian of me not to do a post about the hottest 100 countdown. So, here’s my wrap up:


#99 saw the first good entry, with sister-act, Tegan and Sara’s Hell. All star band, Them Crooked Vultures got the next placing, with Deadmau5, Ghosts n Stuff in at #96. Regina Spektor  held two places *yawn*, and Friendly Fires, Skeleton Boy made #92, the first of my votes!


At #90 was another of my votes, Florence Welch‘s Kiss With A Fist which belonged far higher! (Luckily it was the first of many for Florence and the Machine). This was somehow beaten by a Jay-Z song, I didn’t realise he had released anything in like…the past five years. A few more boring songs and then Kasabian at #85 with Underdog. Basement Jaxx, Raindrops #83, well deserved I think. Aussie indie-tech group, Miami Horror made #82 with Sometimes, (I voted Don’t Be On With Her). We also had the first Muse and Mumford & Sons entries in that lot.


I wasn’t huge on this part of the countdown. Former Strokes front runner, Julian Casablancas, fell in at #76 with 11th Dimension, another of my votes. MSTRKRFT‘s Heartbreaker got #74 with Adelaide’s own Sia at #72 with You’ve Changed. Other than that, this was a lull period.


Animal Collective My Girls came in at #70. After deliberation, I think I do like this song, so the placing was deserved. Bloc Party‘s only entry came in at #62, One More Chance. Other than that, we saw token bogan Aussie hip hop from Illy, boring rock from Karnivool and overrated indie from Grizzly Bear.


The first Lilly Allen song came in at #60, followed by Calvin HarrisI’m Not Alone at #59, being another song I had voted for, I think this genius trance epic was heavily underplaced, it should have at least made the twenties. The xx made #56 with Islands, and I’m not a fan of Franz Ferdinand, but I do love No You Girls, so I was pleased to see it at #55. Everybody loves Swedish group Miike Snow, so I was surprised and disappointed that Animal didn’t place higher than #53.  Next came Vampire Weekend‘s Horchata. There is something well catchy about that song, and another that everybody loves. Other than that we got another Kasabian entry, Phili Jays, and the Acrtic Monkeys, so a pretty good time for the countdown.


Halfway through, and we get another entry from Adelaide girl Sia, with a little help from CSS, Buttons (CSS Remix).  An extremely boring Powderfinger track followed, more Temper Trap and Karnivool *yawn*yawn*. We did get a premature Florence and the Machine back to back, with Drumming Song at #45 and Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) at #44. Also, Audacity of Huge by SMD fell in at #41, which I was surprised to see in the second half of the countdown.


I’ve never been a fan of Angus & Julia Stone or John Butler, so SKIP! Bogan Adelaide Hip-Hoppers Hill Top Hoods got their first entry. More from Muse…a very boring and disappointing ten.


A couple of Sarah Blasko tunes made it here, proving she’s still pretty big apparently. La Roux‘s In For The Kill made #27. Finally, a Metric song! In at #26 was Help I’m Alive, but I think they deserved a little more. To follow was Canadian heavyweight, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Zero at #25. All fair. No so much as I can say for the Flight Of The Conchords entries and….Warp *shudder*, it should have been Riverside.


Sleepy Head took an expected high placing, followed by more Muse (so unimaginative), but it was good to hear Melbourne lads, the Bag Raiders take #18 with the belated indie-tech hit, Shooting Stars. Only one Gossip entry made it, Heavy Cross, at a modest #16. And was I the only one who had never heard of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros? Where did this #15 come from? We knew that Phoenix were going to get some pretty big placings, so 1901 at #13 came as no surprise. I didn’t vote for them, only because I knew they wouldn’t need my help. Fairly embarrassing that Bonkers placed at #12, definitely the low point of Armand Van Helden’s career. The countdown picked up again with Heads Will Roll at #11, which should have been in the top 10.

TOP 10:

Now we get into the business end of the countdown:

10. Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine If it were up to me, all four of Florence and the Machine’s song would have made top 20, with at least two in the top 10, but I guess I’ll settle for one.

9. Uprising – Muse This song sounds remarkably like every other song on the album, *snore*

8. Not Fair – Lilly Allen The first time you listen to this and you actually listen to the lyrics and realise what it’s about, it’s kind of novelty, then it gets annoying. This shouldn’t have made top 20.

7. Coin Laundry – Lisa Mitchell How did this get to number 7?

6. Bulletproof – La Roux This song is just so catchy with it’s bouncy lyrics and uplifting synth riffs, it deserved to be in the top ten.

5. Broken Leg – Blue Juice These guys used to be cool, this song is just boring.

4. Lisztomania – Phoenix The last brilliant song on the countdown. This French four piece had a huge year.

3. Chase That Feeling – Hilltop Hoods Yuck!

2. Parle Vous Francais – Art Vs Science I Loved Flippers, and I liked this song the first time I heard it, but by far the most overrated song of the year, so much so that it makes me hate it. It should have been #50 max.

1. Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons It may have leaked early, but it was no mystery who was going to win anyways. I’m not a huge fan and think this is overrated, but it’s not too bad.

But where were Peaches, Duck Sauce and Snobscrilla?!

2009 #50-#46

21 Dec

Well the year is almost at its end, so it’s time to start the epic top 50 of the year! Fasten your seatbelts kiddies, because here’s #50-#46;

(by the way, the above photo is of a mysterious luminous ring cloud above Moscow from earlier this month, pretty interesting to look it up, for me this was one of the more interesting things that happened in ’09)

50 Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy

After their 2008 hit, “Paris“, the St. Alban trio blew us away again with Skeleton Boy, and might I add, this song could make it into the countdown based on its impressive video clip alone! The indie hit features a catchy rift similar to the classic by Olive, “You’re Not Alone“, but obviously with a very different sound. It’s upbeat, funky and a little bit synthie, giving us the sound that we fell in love with last year. Look out for their Australian tour in February.

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy Video Clip

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy

49  Memory Tapes – Bicycle

Memory tapes is a fusion of two former identities of New Jersey based producer, Dayve Hawk; Memory Cassettes and Wierd Tapes. This track has a melodic electronic indie sound accompanied by dreamy vocals and suits perfect as a relaxing background tune. The lyrics are also quite interesting, focusing on a kind of freedom.

Memory Tapes – Bicycle

48. Bloody Beetroots – Cornelius (Radio Oi!)

Italian electro duo, the Bloody Beetroots have been huge this year, and although I usually prefer their remixes, this track is a an instant club classic. The track starts with a dark and mysterious intro with a slightly gothic and menacing undertone following the track the whole way through. It blends the standard Bloody Beetroots aggressive electro style in with a change of sound and mood that creates an instantly unique clubbing vibe. And, if you watch the video clip closely, you may notice that bits of it are shot in Adelaide’s own Electric Circus night club, kudos Beetroots.

Bloody Beetroots – Cornelius Video Clip

Bloody Beetroots – Cornelius (Radio Oi!)

47. Siriusmo – High Together

Berlin producer, Siriusmo, has produced a gem here, somehow making High Together both melodic and joyful. The track just seems to have the effortless element of cool and with the high-pitched vocals, brings a charming sound to the dance floor that it is easy to dance and listen to. This is the kind of track that you want to drink a really impressive cocktail to.

Siriusmo – High Together

46. Tiga – Speak, Memory

I’m always impressed by a DJ that can sing as well, and Tiga harmonious voice compliments his chilled out synthpop sound so well. Speak, Memory relies a lot on those vocals from Tiga and also on inspiration from 80s style electronic synth production, but something about it seems to make me want to think deeply every time I hear it, about nothing to do with the song of course. To me, this track was a standout of Ciao!, even though, in the traditional sense, there was nothing stand outish about it. It’s been great to hear another album worth of releases from the extremely talented and seriously good looking Canadian producer this year.

Tiga – Speak, Memory