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The Wild Things Are Here!

23 Nov

As the countdown for the Australian release of Where The Wild Things Are continues, anticipation is rising! December 4th marks the date that many have been looking forward to for months now. The Spike Jonez film, based off the beloved 1963 children’s book by Maurice Sendak, was originally developed in the early 1980s to be come a Disney animated feature, but Universal acquired the rights in 2001, and in 2003 it was decided that the film would be live-action.

Filming began two years later in 2006, and now, in 2009, it hits Australian shores. To celebrate the release of such an adored childhood story, here are some “wild” tunes to get you in the mode:

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

Wild Palms – Over…Time (DJ Snitch Remix) **Highly Recommended

Dirty Politics – Call of The Wild (Lazy Rich Remix)

KIM – Wet n Wild (Riot In Belgium Remix)

Bertie Blackman – Thump (Wild Turkeys Remix)

Gooseflesh – Still Wild **Highly Recommended

Party In The Pance

20 Sep

Pance Party

I am loving San Francisco producer trio, Pance Party, more and more…since releasing the EP “Four Million Puppies”, they’ve turned more to remixing, with versions of Chester French’s “She Loves Everybody” and, number one on Hype Machine’s popular chart, The Presets “Kicking and Screaming”.

But, there is more than meets the eye to this “dome scorching” group. Andy, originally from Philidelphia, used to work as a Neuroscientist before he made the changed to music, and now also makes custom multi-touchscreen music controllers. Eric started life in the Bay Area and found his muse in the Berlin Electro scene, and even one the Price Is Once, kudos to him! Ben (or Swardy if you like) once rode his bicycle across America and is a big fan of Subway.

Together, these boys make Pance Party, a fun, “hyper-absurd and preposterous” electro group that experience the ultimate delight in creating innovative sounds, “face-melting bass – enough raw sonic energy to turn even the most negative Nancy into a raving lunatic on the dance floor.”