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Best Remixes Ever Part 3

29 May

This is the first and final installment of our favourite remixes, yep, these are the big boys, our absolute favourites amongst favourites. Enjoy.

The Kills – Cheap and Cheerful (Fake Blood Remix) It was the remix that started many but none could come close to Fake Blood’s perfectly constructed remix of Cheap and Cheerful.

Little Boots – Love Kills (Sidechains vs Buffetlibre Remix) Little Boots has been the target of many remixes and most of them are quite decent; this one though, is more than decent. A powerful electro transformation wins this a place amongst the best.

Frankmusik – Three Little Words (Louises Lovers Remix) Couldn’t find a link for this, but it still deserves to be here. Very and catchy and quite cute.

Mystyery Jets – Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix) One of his first works, this has one of the meanest basslines drops I’ve heard.

Pixie Lott – Mama Do (Linus Loves Remix) Beware; this song has a tendency to grow on you. A slightly different taste to the usual on JeDanse, more of a house-tech sound but very addictive and great for drunken dancing (and singing along).

DIOYY – Dawn Of The Dead (Station X) The original is great, but Station X give it that extra kick to make it one of your favourites, one of our most listened to.

Loose Canons – La La La (I’m Not Listening) (Arabain Barmitzvah) Another one we couldn’t find a link for but well worth the listen. It’s been one of our favourite electro works for a while.

Sia – Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Stonebridge Vocal Edit) This has got more of a trance sound but it’s amazing. Every build up and verse it built perfectly.

Justice – Pantom II (Boys Noize Unreleased Turbine) One of the most effective constructed remixes we’ve ever heard, it builds up anticipation so well before it drops the bass.

Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix) This isn’t one of Designers Drugs usual electro remixes, it’s much more tech driven but it features crafty vocal distortion and a powerful bass beat in the back. Probably their best remix

Fiest – 1,2,3,4 (Van She Technologic Remix) One of the boys’ first remixes and definitely the one made us fall in love with them. Already such a feel good track, Van She make it a club track that puts you in a great mood everytime you listen without fail.

Fever Ray – Seven (Crookers Remix) Their best remix by far, this is so cleverly constructed that the Crookers give this track a whole new life with their techy-electro sound.

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Death To The Throne Rerendered) Such an amazing remix, with an intense electro bass backing.

Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) We mentioned that Little Boots was the target of many good remixes, and Fake Blood are amazing remixes so it makes sense that our last remix is a combination of the two. This is the song that launched Little Boots; one of the most effective indie-pop songs ever, Fake Blood are careful to do this justice with their electro re-edit.


Introducing…Lego Johnson

6 Oct

Loose Cannons

If you missed the Loose Cannons Australia tour, you should be very, very sorry because they were amazing live! But, the good news is that Lord Fader and Kaiser Saucy have joined with three others to form a new secret alter ego live band called Lego Johnson. After spending 2008 strengthening their reputation as club and festival favourites, Kaiser and Fader decided that it was time for a shift in their music and so, they recruited three new members and added the three elements crucial to a live rock band- drums, guitars and bass.

The five piece has already played secret, sold out shows at 229 & Troubadour in Earl’s Court. The first single, “Television” is set to be released soon with remixes from Micky Slim and Cassette Jam.

Lego Johnson

Lego Johnson – Small Print (Kid Cola Remix)

Also, if you want to downoad some of the Loose Cannons Remixes played on their tour, get them here:

The Loose Cannons on Aussie Shores

20 Sep


The huge electro duo from Cannonia, UK are finally returning to the land down under to get their groove on! Anyone who saw these guys, Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader,  play at Field Day will surely be anticipating their return. After the successful album, Muy Ferte, was released, The Loose Cannons have been focusing more on their remixes, even taking on Mojo Filter’s track featuring the Mighty Boosh, Oakey Timbre. Girls In Hats – The Loose Cannons Why You (Opera House Remix) – The Loose Cannons

Join The Loose Cannons Live;

Sep 25th @ Oxford Art Factory, NSW

Sep 26th @ The Heritage, Townsville

Sep 27th @ Shape, WA  with Slam, Scotland