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2009! #5-#1

30 Dec

Finally we’re there!

5 Mr Oizo – Positif

Okay, technically this was last year’s release, but I was a little bit slow on the uptake, so for me, Positif was all about 2009. This lamb is back with Mr Oizo to give us this simply awesome electro anthem. This is right up there with best of Oizo’s stuff like the club classic Flat Beat. Filled with dirty, grimy, heavy bassline electro accompanied by sexy French vocals never fails to make an instant dance floor classic and this track is no exception. Off the Lambs Anger album, this song is a stroke of pure genius, and sounds more and more awesome on each listen. Also, an interesting video clip.

Mr. Oizo – Positif Video Clip

Mr Oizo – Positif

4 Duck Sauce – You’re Nasty

This may be less played than aNYway, but it’s the track that I heard first and like best. New York house legends, A-Trak and Armand Van Helden are awesome individually, so you’d expect them to be awesome  when they come together. Released through A-Trak’s own record label, Fool’s Gold, comes this funky house gem. Not quite as 70s disco sounding as aNYway, but still has the funk factor down pat with a choppy bassline and nice vocals to match.

Duck Sauce – You’re Nasty

3 Le Le – Backstage

One of the best new bands of 2009, and this is definitely the most effective and addictive synth basslines. And what’s best about this song, is that not only does this track show off Oizo’s genius production skills, but the vocals are actually hilarious. About a desperate industry wannabe trying to get backstage and hang with the artists, you can’t help but chuckle as you groove. Also an interesting trio, Pepijn Lanen, a Dutch rapper, also writes for Vice magazine and designs. Pieter Janssen is a world renown graphic designer and Rimer Veerman is a member of Comtrom, another electro group.

Le Le – Backstage

2 Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby

This put in a good right for number one. French electro act Make The Girl Dance is turning a lot of heads in the scene, especially with this catchy electro pop/indie number. All in French, it is still easy to guess that this song would have very sexual driven lyrics and it’s worth watching the English version of the video clip to find out just how cheeky they are because they’re quite amusing. Who doesn’t like a quirky, sexy, French track that…makes the girl dance!

Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby Video Clip

Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby

1 Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat

Picking a top song was tough this year, as there were a lot of great songs with none really standing out more than the others, but I decided to go for the pop hit! Without a doubt, best new act of the year is UK’s Little Boots, clearly above La Roux even. Listing two of my favourite female singers in history, Kylie Minogue and Deborah Harry as her main inspirations, you can see why she has risen straight to the top. This ultra catchy synth-backed pop song with added elements of disco and funk and a nice layering of beats. Also very stylish and an awesome live performer, it’s great to see a female artist worthy of number one.

Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat

2009! #10 – #6

29 Dec

We’re finally into the top 10!

10 Royksopp & Robyn – The Girl and the Robot

Swedish vocalist Robyn was one of my favourite new artists of 2008 and Norwegian electronic duo Royksopp are well, one of my favourite bands of always, os this was one of many great collaborations from their Junior release. The Girl and the Robot has Royksopp’s usual electronica club sound with a little bit of techno and smidge of dark undertones to add to it, as well as Robyn’s passionate vocals. The second release of this album, I think it’s the greatest track, working perfectly on a pop, club and quality song level and guaranteed it will grow on you.

Royksopp & Robyn – The Girl and the Robot

9 Miami Horror – Make You Mine

The Melbourne producer, Benjamin Plant, gets his second entry to the countdown with this super addictive and uber funky hit off their Brovado EP. Groovy, mid-tempo and disco-style, this track will have you all over it for pre-drinks, dance floor boogies or while you’re chilling and drinking cocktails. His last release before he went onto creating Sometimes with the band,  this retro style disco masterpiece is littered with pan pipes and congos and all things nice that work so well for it. And just in case the original isn’t funky enough for you, fellow Australian DJ, Cassian (formerly CSK OK) does a nice little remix.

Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Cassian Remix)

Miami Horror – Make You Mine

8 My Gold Mask – Bitches

Leave your bitches at the door“, what a great opening line. Gretta begins the song by employing high patch shrill-like vocals whilst Jack owns the guitar, creating a sound that somehow makes me think of Mexican cowboys. This indie duo from Chicago have a somewhat eerie sound to separate them from the crowd of usuals and it works very well for them, getting them into the spotlight this year. The Hood internet mashup (I know, a mash up) is also a pretty good transformation into an 80s sound disco track.

My Gold Mask vs Roxy Music – Bitches (Hood Internet Remix)

My Gold Mask – Bitches

7 Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone

The Scottish DJ’s brief stint with trance music was extremely well. Often under fire by “less commercial” DJs, we’re used to Calvin Harris bringing us more of a vocal house-pop sound, so I was extremely impressed when he sprung this progressive, passionate trance anthem on us, and I’m not even a fan of trance. It’s just great to listen to a song that builds so well that everyone knows, because every time you here it at a music festival, there is a certain point where you know that absolutely everyone in the crowd will go off. Harris also uses his own vocals as usual, which is great to see.

Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone

6 Acid Girls feat. Frankmusik – Wake Up

This track makes you want sing, bounce and groove at the same time. Like most of Frankmusik’s stuff, Wake Up has a little bit of synth, but is more focused on the electronic club side of things, built up by LA duo Acid Girls. And wow, the results is just so catchy and addictive it’s incredible; the more you listen to it, the more you want to listen to it.

Acid Girls feat. Frankmusik – Wake Up

2009! #15-#11

28 Dec

15 Tony Roballo – When I Call You

This Brasillian DJ is still fairly unknown and I’m waiting for him to burst into the scene. When I Call You sounds just like an electro-house track straight out of the New York underground with a slight hint of Latino in the vocals. I’ve heard a small amount of his stuff, but all of it is high quality electro-house with really funky vocals and beats over the top that make you want to dance instantly. It would just be nice if his stuff was a little easier to find…but definitely worth the hunt.

Tony Roballo – When I Call You

14 Phoenix – 1901

Of course this French four piece had us all hooked back in 2006 with Long Distance Call from their second album It’s Never Been Like That, but it hasn’t been until this year that they’ve really made the big time, and when I say big time, I mean huge time. The success Phoenix have experienced all over the world in the past year has been mind-blowing and much delayed. Their cool style of pop-rock seems effortless, smoothed over with backing synth and catchy vocals. 1901 is another contender for summer/festival anthem of the year. Easy to listen to and impossible to hate, it will have everyone in a good mood.

Phoenix – 1901

13 La Roux – Bulletproof

I have to admit, this song dropped a several places in the countdown the day the UK duo dropped out of their set at Adelaide Parklife, filling the festival with a strong sense of hatred. But it’s still extremely difficult to stay mad at such a catchy, happy, synth-fuelled song. La Roux have burst onto the scene this year with a range of addictive synth-focused songs accompanied by the soft vocals of the fiery redhead, but Bulletproof stands out as the best by far. The video clip is also well worth a viewing in its cool geometric element.

La Roux – Bulletproof Video Clip

La Roux – Bulletproof

12 Fagget Fairys – Feed The Horse

This Danish lesbian duo know how to make good music. They are somewhere between ghetto funk and electro pop. With dirty, sex driven vocals and catchy electro basslines to back, Feed The Horse is nice little number for the dance floor and very open to remix abuse. I personally recommend the Gambit edit. This song isn’t as ghetto as their other tracks, a bit more electronicy, enough said, now just listen.

Fagget Fairys – Feed The Horse (Gambit Edit)

Fagget Fairys – Feed The Horse

11 Zoot Woman – Live In My Head

With their second entry in the countdown I can’t get enough of these guys. They have a seriously cool and addictive sound and the album Things Aren’t What They Used To Be is full with it, making it well worth the five year wait. This song is particularly passionate, bordering synthpop and rock. Choosing which of their songs to put in the top 50 for 2009 was really difficult because they’re all amazing and I didn’t want to put in anymore than two, but this one is a standout, so make sure you take the time to listen if you haven’t already.

Zoot Woman – Live In My Head

2009! #20-#16

27 Dec

Getting closer…

20 Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust on The Ground

This indie four piece from North London have really grabbed our attention with Dust On The Ground. Featuring serene guitar riffs, calmed vocals and the occasional harmony, this song instantly transports you to a more relaxed place. After coming into the scene in 2006 via V Festival, they finally released their debut album, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, in July. But before this, at just 15, they toured under the name The Canals. Now they are really starting to establish themselves as a high level indie band, producing quality synth-rock music. Also, listen to Tanlines remix.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground (Tanlines Remix)

Bombay Bicycle Club – Dust On The Ground

19 Chew Lips – Salt Air

To Begin with, the video clip for this track is really cool, fully embossed in sketch outline with whack scribble drawings popping up all over the place. Bit it’s a great video clip for a great song. Like most tracks released through the Kitsune Label, this song is super charged with disco synth in an ultra cool fashion, which is perfectly complimented by the strong vocals of lead singer Tigs. Formed in 2008, this has been the year that Chew Lips have really started to spread their music around and make an impression, releasing Salt Air and Solo, and watch for Unicorn, to be released in January 2010.

Chew Lips – Salt Air Video Clip

Chew Lips – Salt Air

18 Fischerspooner – Money Can’t Dance

Over a decade old, Fischerspooner are still as good as ever. Money Can’t Dance is a bit slower and less in your face electronic-rock  than classics like Emerge but still has the addictive electro bassline backed up by delicious synth numbers and wavering vocals. Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner put a lot of time into their recordings, several years per album, and it shows through the quality of the recording. This one is no exception, even sampling Astronaut, Major Tom from NOVA at the beginning. An absolutely synthie-discoey-electronica delight.

Fischerspooner – Money Can’t Dance

17 Classixx feat. Jeppe- I’ll Get You

Another Kitsune Label release, the Classixx have managed to evolve from making kick arse remixes to making a kick-arse, catchy as track from scratch. The LA based synth-electro duo teamed up with Dutch vocalist Jeppe to release I’ll Get You, an instant summer anthem with a lot of influence from the 80s and a lot of cool. And did I mention that Jeppe is actually from Junior Senior? Thought he sounded familiar right, and those kind of vocals are used to emitting a summer vibe.

Classixx feat. Jeppe – I’ll Get You

16 Tanlines – Bejan

Just a really tranquil, melodic synth-focused track. Tanlines is an amazing nu-disco act from New York, and on this track they really deliver a cool, calm, relaxing and completely feel-good anthem for the cocktail bar dance floor. It’s not hard to recognise that this one is also a Kitsune release as they seem to pray on these synthie disco hits and know exactly which ones are really worthy. Get ready to instantly be transported to a remote beach in Ibiza as you listen to this one.

Tanlines – Bejan

2009! #25-#21

26 Dec

25 Frankmusik – When You’re Around

It’s  no secret that Vincent Frank is a musical genius. Here he covers the Strangler’s hit from Fight Club, “Golden Brown“, and yes I know it’s a cover of an already great song, but Frank gives it extra flair with high paced synth, deep vocals and catchy riffs. Produced by Stuart Price (the man behind Les Rhythmes Digitales) , this is one of the many masterpieces of Frank Vincent’s hit debut album, Complete Me, the whole album being well worth a listen. Don’t forget to check out the Boys Noize remix.

Frankmusik – When You’re Around (Boys Noize Remix)

Frankmusik – When You’re Around

24 Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her

Such a deceiving name for a producer from Melbourne, but we love that such a talent is from Australia! Don’t Be On With Her is the first single from his debut EP and it is extremely catchy, saturated with a heavy 80s style synth and upbeat vocals, making it impossible to resist tapping your feet and dancing along to. One amazing thing about this track, is that despite grabbing heavy influence in vocals, synth and guitar from the 80s, it still feels current, a great dance track by today’s standards. I’m so glad they’re finally releasing a full length album, Sometimes, and hopefully you managed catch their tour earlier this year.

Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her

23 The Juan Maclean – One Day

Their first single off The Future Will Come, but their second entry in the countdown, One Day is a simple but catchy synth-indie-pop tune that features upbeat synth progression and gentle, sweet vocals. Slightly reminiscent of the 80s synth style, this song also provides for a nostalgic ride into a happier place. Also, at only 4:15, unlike their other much longer tracks, it is impossible to get bored during this one. Don’t miss them at Field Day on New Years day.

The Juan Maclean – One Day

22 Duck Sauce – aNYway

When Armand Van Helden and A-Trak team up, you know you’re in for something special. Both legendary veterans of the New York house scene, these guys have collaborated to create one of the funkiest house hits of our time. This strong element of funk is continued in the video clip featuring a groovy 70s dance act, perfect emulating the sound of the track. The track cleverly takes a sample of the 1979 Final Edition track I Can Do It (Anyway That You Want It), but they have added their New York cool to turn this cheesy disco feveresque song into an irresistably funky dance floor explosion.

Duck Sauce – aNYway

21 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

In terms of popularity, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs clearly have a head start, but this song just so much more…epic than their other songs, making it well deserving of all the popularity it has generated. Beginning with a dark synth intro, the song quickly progresses into a fiery rock anthem, whilst carrying the dark undertone the whole way through, the prefect recipe for a hit mainstream rock track. Dancefloors worldwide have also been littered with remixes of this song, making it possibly the most remixed song of the year, but luckily, most that I’ve heard have been pretty good. I recommend the Ryan Nexus remix.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Ryan Nexus Remix)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll

2009! #30-#26

25 Dec

30 Peaches – I Feel Cream

Sorry, on her second song in the countdown, I couldn’t resist using this picture. Even at 40, Toronto-born Merrill Beth Nisker is as crude and rocking as ever and we love it. Like her older stuff, this is super charged with filthy, raunchy sex driven lyrics over juicy electro basslines. And it’s great that in the latest album she has brought us the best of her vocal abilities, ranging from the gentle, soft murmur in I Feel Cream to the aggressive rapping in Billionaire, featured earlier in the countdown. Being produced by Peaches herself along with Soulwax, Simian Mobile Disco and Digitalism, it’s easy to see how this became such a club hit.

Peaches – I Feel Cream

29 Miike Snow – Animal

This Stockholm trio have burst into the indie music scene in 2009 and owe a great deal of success to Animal. With an extremely catchy chorus, this song is almost like the “Kids” of 2009, open to remix and dancefloor abuse in clubs worldwide, but it’s an amazing track so I doubt many people will mind if it’s overplayed. Quirky, happy and lighthearted, this song is easy to listen to and has become one of the biggest indie gems of 2009. The videoclip is also worth checking out.

Miike Snow – Animal Videoclip

Miike Snow – Animal

28 Metric – Gold, Guns, Girls

I think that Monster Hospital will always be Metric’s best song, but this tune still rocked my socks. There is something really addictive about Emily Haine’s voice, that also makes it really easy to either rock out to or chillout to (in this case rock out). Off their latest album, Fantasies, which has already had a lot of success, this indie rock anthem is one of many songs to become instant hits. Perfect to listen to live at a music festival I might add.

Metric – Gold, Guns, Girls

27 Little Boots – Mathematics

This song by the pint sized UK singer/song writer may have been one of the last released from her debut album Hands, but in my opinion definitely one of the best. As well as on a pop level, it also works on an indie-electro level. It’s catchy, synthy, and dancable. Inspired by Sylvia Plath’s poem, Love Is A Parallax, this song uses mathematics as a metaphor for love quite effectively, with puns like “divide a heart by a heart”. And for anyone who’s done a bit of maths themselves, it’s to tempting to love this song, even if at the core, it’s not really about maths, we can still appreciate the puns.

Little Boots – Mathematics

26 Snob Scrilla – Heartbreak Scorceses

This guy is the only example of Aussie hip hop that I actually like, and don’t stop there, I love him! It must be the way that he blends in his hip hop style with rock riffs and indie electro-synth backing music. Heartbreak Scorceses seems to float between sounding sad and happy, although the subject might be sad, there is something about the music that makes it sound slightly upbeat, and this duality works really well for the song. The futuristic synth sounds that introduce and end this song give it that Scrilla cool that groups him with the sophisticated indie crowd instead of the hip hop bogans…give the ’96 Bulls remix a listen too.

Snob Scrilla – Heartbreak Scorceses (’96 Bulls Remix)

Snob Scrilla – Heartbreak Scorceses

2009! #35-#31

24 Dec

Finally an Australian makes it into the countdown!

35 Philadelphia Grand Jury – I’m Gonna Kill You

We have our first Australian entry at number 35 with Sydney band Philadelphia Grand Jury. This is a perfect 2009 anthem, with highly quotable and catchy lyrics that you will be guaranteed to find yourself singing aloud in public and some point or another. But would you expect anything less from vocalist Simon Berckelman after working with Wolfmother, Van She, Architecture in Helsinki, the Temper Traps and more. Also, the drummer for this track is now the drummer for Art vs Science. Nice.

Philadelphia Grand Jury – I’m Gonna Kill You

34 Tegan and Sara – Hell

Identical twins, Tegan and Sara, from Vancouver, released Hell off their new album Sainthood. The song, about Tegan’s unrequited feelings for another girl, is fairly fast paced, energetic and catchy. The vocals are harmonious as usual and reveal plenty of passion from the girls. Tegan and Sara are pretty consistently good with their music, but this track is back up at the level of Back in Your Head from 2007.

Tegan and Sara – Hell

33 Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back

This melodic and nostalgic track from New York based duo Holy Ghost! is extremely reminiscent of the late 1970s disco scene. It’s just oozing with the cool retro feel and is sure to get you grooving. Friends since childhood, you can definitely see the link between these guys and DFA founders, James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy, who signed them after their first hit Hold On. We look forward to their debut album out early next year.

Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back

32 Florence and the Machine – Kiss With A Fist

Florence Welch is probably a little more crazy than you may think…notoriously jumping into the pool whilst singing this track at SXSW, in true rock star form. Unlike many of her other songs, you definitely get that vibe from Kiss With A Fist, about an abusive relationship with plenty of flare. This track from the South Londoner was actually released mid 2008 but didn’t really make it to Australian shores until early this year, since when Welsh has experienced considerable growth in popularity. Full of energy and burst, she is sure to bring us many more dynamic hits likes this and put on one heck of a show when she tours for Saint Jeromes Laneway Festival in February.

Florence and the Machine – Kiss With A Fist

31 The xx – Islands

It’s hard to believe that the four London guys making up the xx are only 20 years old. Islands is a calm, soothing track ideal for relaxing with their neat use of the drum machine to complement the gentle vocal sparring between Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim. Minimalism a key element of the xx’s music, don’t expect to have the sudden desire to run to the dance floor when this song comes on, but instead, take a minute to sit, listen and really appreciate such a sweet song.

The xx – Islands