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Spiral Beach Gets Funked

26 Jul

For juicy, funky fun!

Spiral Beach – Teddy Black (Mix Chopin Remix) **highly recommended

New Cut Copy

18 Jul

Although we still have to wait until next January for Cut Copy’s third LP, they have given us an early free tasting. You can download Where I’m Going for free here via their website just by leaving them your email address. If this track is anything to go by, we can expect something a little different from them when the drop the album, something a little more psychedelic, laid back and cheerful. Whilst the song is very catchy and fun, I think I prefer their old sound, but kudos to them for trying out a new style.

Kylie “Aphrodite” Review

17 Jul

No matter how indie and against pop you are, it’s hard to deny the mastery of Kylie Minogue. She has been able to capture the oh so elusive perfect balance between sophisticated disco-electronica and pop for the past decade without falling victim to the dangerous trashy tacky electro pop wannabe region, and for that, we love her. She makes listening to chart topping pop enjoyable, acceptable and guilt free!

In 2010, she brings us her 11th studio album, Aphrodite, which in no way lets us down.

The album sets off with the first single All The Lovers that has already proved to be a hit on commercial radio stations but features the irresistible upbeat disco sound that Kylie has owned in her past few albums. Whilst very clubby sounding, it still has a great synth sound through the chorus, is catchy and hard to stop dancing to. Kylie hits every note once again.

Second up is Get Outta My Way, which is also extremely catchy and quite good but not a stand out. I can see it easily becoming a hit on radio though. Closer is a little bit different for Kylie it’s a lot more synth focused and not quite as upbeat. It’s the typical gem you find hidden away in an album that never gets released as a single, definitely one of the highlights.

Illusion is probably the best of the album. Like Closer, it has a darker undertone than Kylie’s usual stuff, but is balanced perfectly the more upbeat vocals. And catchy, but I’ll stop saying these songs are catchy as they are all very catchy. The title track, Aphrodite, is also quite good for such a happy upbeat typical pop song, but not one of the best of the album.

Other highlights include Better Than Today, Too Much (produced by Calvin Harris), and Cupid Boy.

As usual, I think Kylie has proved herself to be the worldwide queen of pop through Aphrodite. She neither disappoints nor fails to live up to high expectations that she has previously set for herself. We give this one 9.5/10.

Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers

Kylie Minogue – Illusion **highly reccommended

Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction)

One Month Until New Chromeo

17 Jul

It’s been three long years since Chromeo released their last album, Fancy Footwork, but now, their third studio album is a mere month’s waits away. Business Casual is set to be released August 17th with production accreditation to Philipe Zdar (who’s worked with Cassius and Pheonix.)

The duo premiered the first single off the album, Don’t Turn The Lights On, on June 28th, which captures Chromeo signature electronic synth pop that we’ve come to love.

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On

Chromeo – Night By Night (Siriusmo Remix)

Ode To A Classic: Ring My Bell

16 Jul

One of the greatest ever disco songs comes to us from the one-hit-wonder songstress from Memphis, Anita Ward. In 1979, she gave us the chart topping Ring My Bell. It’s disappointing that she didn’t deliver more, with her follow up single Don’t Drop My Love peaking at #87 in the states.

Ring My Bell was way ahead of its time and is still cocktail club-worthy today without the enhancement through remixes. However, if you do want to hear a good mashup, download Why Not Ring My Bell (Anita Ward vs Alter Ego) through Gigantic Club here.

Anita Ward – Ring My Bell **highly recommended

Body Talk Part 2

16 Jul

It was easy to think that Robyn was being  more than slightly overambitious when she promised fans three albums throughout 2010 earlier this year, but living up to her promise so far, she has announced the release date for the second installment, Body Talk Part 2. After living up to high expectations with Body Talk part 1, part 2 is set be released September 6th through Itunes and the UK.

Robyn – Dancing On My Own